Walking Policies

Our Dog Walking Policies

Booking and payment Billing happens on Sunday after 6:00 pm.   In addition we give our clients the option to pay for a package all at once on the first of each month. Then we will deduct walks from the package as you use them. Whatever is most convenient for you! Our Cancellations Policy There are typically 10 federal holidays that happen during the work week each year. On those days you will not be charged for walks. We are closed. A Text Check In After each walk occurs, our walker will text to confirm they visited. Our time arrival time window We kindly request you allow a grace period of one hour for our dog walker to arrive. There might be bad weather, snow or or other delays. For example if your walk is at 11:00pm we request that you allow the walker to arrive between 10:30–11:30 Meet and greets All new walking clients have to do a meet and greet with the their walker. That walker will be your regular professional walker. The same walker arriving every day builds a routine with your pup. We will bring proof of insurance as well as other references. Pet Insurance We use Pet Care Ins company LLC as our Pet care insurance provider. Group dog walks and off leash areas We do not do any off leash runs. We also only do group walks with a maximum of 3 dogs. And prior to that each dog needs to be paired with a dog who is a good energy match. Other Dog Walking POLICIES We ask for a minimum of 3 walks per week to hold your spot on the schedule. However if you would like we can give you up to 5 walks per week.